Sweet Peas at Rush Show, 11th July 2009
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I’m sorry that I haven’t any pictures of people at Rush this year.  I didn’t even have time to take photographs of all the Sweet Pea entries.  I had to give up when exhibitors were taking their flowers faster than I could take pictures.  I feel OK about it though: I know some of those flowers made successful appearances at the Dublin 5 show on the following day.


I’m glad to reassure you that loyal people like Melissa, Susan, Judy and Barbara are still working hard and efficiently to make the whole show a great success, perhaps feeling a little the worse for wear but looking better than ever - so to my eye all will be well for next year, and I’ll try hard to get a better all-round view of the show for you in 2010.



A Challenge from the Plants to the Exhibitors:


I can tell the Irish plants are grown well: if their Irish growers would avoid showing stems with extra petals or double-top wings, would release trapped standards early, and would secure the stems to keep them straight and prevent wind damage, then the standard shown here would be fit to challenge at British National level: the plants are doing their part.